Reading Your Bill

There's more to your electric bill than the amount due. We include details about your usage, meter readings and more, all to give you insights about your household's monthly consumption and opportunities for saving energy and money. To help you better understand what's on your bill, we've created the sample bill below.

Sample Bill

Designed to explain the variour components of a typical monthly statement. Does not reflect current rates. Monthly statements may vary by account.

  1. ACCOUNT NUMBER - This number is used to identify your account. Your account number is 12 digits long.
  2. CUSTOMER NAME - This is the responsible party on the account.
  3. SERVICE ADDRESS - This is the physical location where service is provided.
  4. METER READING DATE - Shows the days of service for current billing cycle.
  5. ELECTRIC METER NUMBER - The number assigned to the electric meter.
  6. WATER METER NUMBER - The number assigned to the water meter.
  7. SERVICE - The services we provide the customer.
  8. METERED ELECTRIC - The kilowatt hours that were used and billed for the period.
  9. FUEL COST ADJUSTMENT - The TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment is a variable energy rate that fluctuates each quarter with TVA's power generating fuel costs and the cost of power TVA purchases.
  10. LOCAL CONSUMPTION TAX - This is the local portion of the Virginia State Corporation Commission Consumption Tax on electricity. The tax is based on the kWh used.
  11. STATE CONSUMPTION TAX - This is state portion of the Virginia State Corporation Commission Tax on electricity. The tax is based on the kWh used.
  12. SPECIAL REGULATORY TAX - This is the special regulatory tax rate of the Virginia State Corporation Commission Tax on electricity. The tax is based on the kWh used.
  13. SANITATION - The residential sanitation collection fee from the City of Bristol Virginia. BVU is only the billing agent for the sanitation and the City of Bristol Virginia provides the service and pickup.
  14. SEWER - The gallons of sewer billed for the period. Normally, this is a function of water used.
  15. METERED WATER - The gallons of water used and billed for the period.
  16. WATER SALES TAX - The sales tax on water is 5% of the billing.
  17. TOTAL CURRENT CHARGES - The total charges due for the current month.
  18. RATE - The rate is the billing or rate class for the service.
  19. READ STATUS - This tells the customer if the meter was actually read or estimated. Normal means that the meter was read.
  20. PRESENT READING - The actual reading on your meter that was recorded on the present read date.
  21. PREVIOUS READING - The actual reading on your meter that was recorded on the previous read date.
  22. MULTIPLIER - The difference between the present and previous reading multiplied by this number to calculate the total usage for the service listed. The multiplier varies depending on the meter model.
  23. AMOUNT USED - This is the amount of usage for the current month.
  24. AMOUNT - The amounts of each service rendered for the current month.
  25. BUDGET BILLING DIFFERENCE - This is used for customers participating in the budget billing program. Levelized billing is an optional plan for residential customers whereby a rolling average amount is paid. This allows a customer to even out their payments over the plan year. A credit or negative amount means that your Levelized Billing payments have exceeded your Actual Charges. A debit or positive amount means that your Levelized Billing payments have been less than your Actual Charges.
  26. AMOUNT FROM PREVIOUS BILL - The amount from your previous bill.
  27. LATE CHARGES - Show penalties added from the previous bill.
  28. PAYMENTS & ADJUSTMENTS - Payments or adjustments during the previous billing period prior to this billing.
  29. OTHER DEBITS & CREDITS - Shows any debits or credits made during the previous billing cycle.
  30. BALANCE FORWARD - Reflects any amount left unpaid from the previous billing.
  31. CURRENT CHARGES - The amount due for services rendered for the current billing cycle.
  32. NET AMOUNT DUE - This is the total amount due. This is the amount to pay.
  33. MESSAGE CENTER - This section is used to inform the customer about services and other items of interest. It is also used as the location for a disconnection notice to be printed in red.
  34. COMPARE YOUR USAGE - A quick reference showing the daily average usage and monthly comparison to the previous month and same month a year ago.
  35. SERVICE LOCATION PHONE NUMBER - This phone number is required for outage reporting purposes. We need the phone number at the service location address.
  36. BVU PAYMENT OR REMITTANCE ADDRESS - This is the address to mail your payment or correspondence.
  37. CUSTOMER'S MAILING ADDRESS - This is the address we use to mail your bill to you.
  38. DUE DATE FOR CURRENT CHARGES ONLY - Date the current bill is due by.
  39. LATE PAYMENT CHARGES - The penalty charged to the current bill if the payment is not received by the due date on the current statement.
  40. AMOUNT DUE AFTER DUE DATE - This is the amount due if the current bill is not paid by the due date.
  41. BVU PHYSICAL ADDRESS - This is the location of BVU's customer service center.