City Trash Collection Billing Separation

This is an important update from BVU Authority for residential customers within Bristol, Virginia, city limits.

Your City Trash Collection fee will now be billed separately from your utilities. Here are a few tips to make this transition easier:

  • First, if you're self-enrolled in AutoPay through BVU’s online customer portal, you will need to enroll your new trash account. We apologize for any inconvenience and are here to walk you through the process.
  • Next, if you're enrolled in paperless billing, your preferences will automatically apply to the new account.
  • Finally, for more information, please see the information included in this month's billing statement or visit As always, you can call BVU Customer Service for help.

The City Trash Collection Billing Separation is a strategic move designed to enhance transparency, compliance with regulatory standards, and update our billing process for our valued customers. This transition separates the billing for City Trash Collection services from BVU Authority's utility services, ensuring clarity in your bills and still allowing you to make a single check payment for all your utility-related expenses.

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