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Enjoy convenient payment options with our new account management tool.

Our new, contactless options allow you to securely:

  • Pay your bill anytime and anywhere, with no fees
  • Monitor your utility usage
  • Receive important notifications and alerts
  • Set up AutoPay
  • And more!

SIGN UP - It's easy to manage your account online or through the new mobile app.

Have your 12-digit account number handy, which prints on the top left of your monthly statement. The "Location" number is the first half of your hyphenated account number, and the "Customer" number is the second half. You need to enroll in the new Customer Portal even if you signed up for the old online payment service. Set up your User ID and Password the first time you use the new system.

Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Visit CUSTOMER PORTAL: Log In or Sign Up, which is available at the top of all pages of our website.
  2. Select Sign Up to create your account page and follow the prompts to complete your new payment system enrollment.
    1. To validate your account, you only need to complete ONE of the three fields.
  3. If you have bookmarked BVU's previous payment website, please reset your bookmark for the new site in your browser. The former payment website will no longer be available.

Please use Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Edge for your browser. Internet Explorer is NOT a compatible browser. Other ways to pay are by phone at 276-669-4112, Option 2, at the secure drop box just outside our office, or by mail (be sure to include the payment stub from your bill.)

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No more worries about missing a payment – SIGN UP for our new AUTO-PAY

When you enroll in AutoPay, BVU will draft your bill on your due date.

IMPORTANT: If you signed up for auto-pay with the old service, you need to sign up and reenter your payment information in the new Customer Portal to continue this service.

To enroll in auto-pay:

  1. Sign Up / Log In to the Customer Portal
  2. Select Make Payment
  3. Select Enable AutoPay
  4. Select Yes under the Enabled Heading
  5. Select or Enter a Payment Method
  6. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  7. Select Update & your auto-pay enrollment is done!

Questions and Answers about the new Customer Portal

Why should I use the Customer Portal or mobile app to pay my bill?

We have set up this new payment method because it is easy to use, secure, and convenient. You do not need to leave your home to manage your utility account, check your balance or due date, monitor how much electricity you are using, or pay your monthly bill.

What is the new mobile app?

The BVU Authority mobile app enables you to manage your account right from your smart device, anywhere, anytime. The app is secure, easy to download, and simple to use. All you need to do is confirm what type of device you have (Android or iPhone) and download the correct app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone.) Your device can only install the app developed for your operating system.

How do I find the Customer Portal?

There are a few simple ways to get to the Customer Portal. You can:

  1. On our website, select CUSTOMER PORTAL: Log In or Sign Up at the top of the page. Please do not use Internet Explorer as your browser; it is not compatible with the Customer Portal. For the best results, use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Firefox as your browser.
  2. Download and install the mobile app for your smart device. Search for BVU Authority. When the app comes up on your screen, click "Install" (Google Play) or "Get" (App Store.) Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, you will see a welcome screen that allows you to log in or sign up for the Customer Portal. You will need to sign up the first time you use the Portal and create your login credentials for the next time you want to use the Portal.

What do I need to sign up for the Customer Portal?

You will need some personal information to register in the new Customer Portal.

  1. You will need your Account Number, located in a box on your electric bill's upper left portion. The account number has two sections: the first six digits before the hyphen are your Location Number, and the last 6-digits following the hyphen are your Customer Number. (Click on "Where can I find these?" to see an example.) You will need to put in both the location number and the customer number to sign up.
  2. Next, you will need to verify your identity with AT LEAST ONE of the following:
    1. The last four digits of your social security number - your entry must match the social security number that is on file at BVU
    2. Your current or most recent account balance
    3. Your phone number - Your entry must match the phone number that is on file at BVU.
  3. When your identity is confirmed, you will see a screen to set up your account. Once you have completed and submitted this form, you will receive an email indicating that your account is now activated. You are now ready to check your bill, review statements, monitor your utility usage, and make payments!