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Renewable Energy at Your Home or Business

Part of BVU Authority's long-standing commitment to the environment is providing support for customers who are interested in utilizing renewable energy. 

A critical first step in going solar is educating yourself before you sign a contract. BVU Authority and TVA are here to help you through that process.

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BVU Authority Interconnection Process

If renewable generation is right for you, please follow our three-step process.

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Contractor Selection Tips 

  • Get quotes from multiple companies and CAREFULLY read the terms of the proposal.
  • Ask the installer for references and ensure the installer has an up-to-date business license and insurance. Look at any available customer reviews. TVA's Green Connect Quality Contractor Network is a one-stop shop for selecting an installer. See details below.
  • Confirm the installer has a Solar PV Installation Professional or Board Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, which is the gold standard for the industry.
  • Customers interested in renewable energy generation MUST complete a three-step process with BVU Authority to remain connected to the BVU Authority electric system. Note: BVU Authority fees apply for each step of the interconnection process.

Find a Trustworthy Solar Installer with TVA's New Green Connect Quality Contractor Network

TVA’s new Green Connect program connects BVU Authority customers interested in solar or battery installation at their homes with a Quality Contractor Network. These qualified installers are insured and licensed; they also have completed special training on TVA guidelines and have a history of customer satisfaction. Green Connect is available for qualifying systems of ground-mounted and/or structure-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and associated battery storage systems. Participants must be metered and belong to a BVU Authority residential rate class.

How to Participate in Green Connect:

  • Register for the TVA Green Connect Customer Portal online at and complete the TVA Green Connect Participation Agreement.
  • Select a QCN installer from the TVA Green Connect portal to design and install your qualifying system.
  • Submit your interconnection application, interconnection agreement, and system design packet to BVU Authority.
  • Have the qualifying system commissioned by BVU Authority following an installation verification. Note: BVU Authority fees apply for each step of the interconnection process.

Sell Back Your Excess Generation

Facilities that generate power up to 80 Megawatts may qualify for TVA's Dispersed Power Production program, which allows them to sell excess generation back to TVA. Please contact TVA for additional information about this program.

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