BVU Announces Separate Billing for City Trash Collection

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Washington County, VA; September 2023 – BVU Authority, Southwest Virginia utility provider, announces a change in its billing process to ensure that the City of Bristol, Virginia's Trash Fee is managed separately from BVU Authority's electric, water, and wastewater utility services. This change aims to streamline the utility's internal billing process by keeping traditional utility service receivables separate from the trash fee, a third-party service the City of Bristol, Virginia, provides. BVU Authority customers can expect this change to be reflected in their new monthly statements.

As part of a recent contractual agreement, BVU Authority will continue to act as the billing agent for the City's trash collection service. BVU Authority generates monthly statements, receives customer payments, and remits the funds to the City. BVU Authority is pleased to continue providing high-quality services to its customers and looks forward to working with BVU Authority customers to implement this transition.

Don Bowman, President & CEO of BVU Authority, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are pleased to continue providing our customers with exceptional utility services. This change in the billing process ensures transparency and efficiency, allowing us to serve all BVU Authority customers better. We look forward to working closely with our customers during this transition."

The City of Bristol, Virginia, mandates a trash collection fee for certain residential properties per the Bristol, Virginia Code of Ordinances. It is important to note that the Bristol, Virginia City Council sets solid waste rates in the City of Bristol, Virginia, and BVU Authority does not control or set the rate for this service. For questions about program eligibility, collection operations, disposal, scheduling, pickup requests, service complaints, and rates, BVU Authority encourages customers to contact the City's Public Works department directly at 276-645-7380.

For inquiries regarding billing and payment methods, BVU Authority is available to assist. We offer the convenience of combining multiple bills into a single payment using one check, including the City Trash Collection bill. If customers have existing AutoPay preferences on file with BVU Authority, those preferences will be automatically carried over as part of the City Trash Collection billing update, unless instructed otherwise. Customers who are self-enrolled in AutoPay through the BVU Authority online Customer Portal must enroll their City Trash Collection account separately in AutoPay.

To make check payments for multiple bills together, customers can follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather all utility statements to be paid, including the City Trash Collection bill.
  2. Write a single check payable to BVU Authority.
  3. Clearly indicate the account numbers on the check or an attached note.

Consolidating payments into one payment check offers the advantage of maintaining simple record-keeping and a streamlined payment process. BVU Authority will continue to remit the City Trash Collection fee directly to the City of Bristol, Virginia.

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